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Guild Name:
The Dairy Guilds
[Milk], [Cheese], [Yogurt], [IceCream], and [Butter]

Items before you:
The Guild Charter
The Codex of Lactose (To Be Continued!)
The Book Of Legends (To Be Continued!)
Guild Artwork/Screenshots
Where it is...

What the...
[A Furc comic by Bastet13 & Chibiness]
Coming Soon:
Registered Guild
More Patch Graphics
Magic Structure Defined in Codex
Working Bot within the dream

To Join:
Email or Whisper any appointed guildmaster, or ICQ 3674663...

Chibiness, sitting amidst Xargonis, Stempenwolf,
Easf, Pyrox37, and SilverMune(CW) @ the Butter Guild.

Talz's Furc Maps

Talzhemir's Guild Plan

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