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Guild Name:
The Dairy Guilds
[Milk], [Cheese], [Yogurt], [IceCream], and [Butter]
Style: Persona Play using only the consent rule and your charter.
Guild Location:

(36,97) The center of the small building south of the Message Center, south of the hall of dreams.

Guild URL:

Rah's Name/Contact:
Chibiness:Temple Founder < >

Benjamin Stormcrow,SilverMune,Aznee

10 Charter "Founding" Members:
1. Chibiness: Milk GuildMaster/Lactose Priest
2. Lobowski/Gouda: Cheese Guildmaster/Mage
3. Benjamin Stormcrow: IceCream GuildMaster/IceCreamancer
4. SilverMune: Yogurt GuildMaster/Acolyte
5. Napster Cat: Bleu Guildmaster/Aznee: Butter Sorceress
6. SqueekyPeach: Butter Guildmaster/Acolyte
7. Easf: Yogurt Wizard
8. Ronek: Red Mage
9. Ratatoowee: IceCream Parlour Employee
0. Rundll:

Milk/Lactose Priests, Cheezards, Yogurt Acolytes, IceCreamancers, ButterMages.

6 GuildMasters, IceCream parlour employees, Good and Evil characters, Preachers, Clergy(who marry).
Plot Assumptions:
The Dairy Guild is a place to learn magical arts in the way of Lactose.
The dream is a place to socialize.
Cool 1 Official powers/classes ONLY. No Char sheet. Combat is done by mutual OOC Consent, Negotiation, and Improvisation.
The Guild Dream has a house, temple, kiosk, icecream parlour(Soon!), and a penalty box.
Tech Level:
Renaissance [Towns; guilds. Organized Religion. Printing. Mass Production]
Supported Characters:
We do not descriminate. All types of furres are welcome as well as any of the "gifts" or talents/skills they may have (Vampfurres, Mages, Weres, Noblefurres, Alchemists, QuarterPrimes, and Elvenfurres, or Faeries).
Magical Items:
The Codex of Lactose: A book describing much of the back-story of the Dairy Magic, as well as how Magic is to be used. Official item owned by Chibiness, Copies distributed at the Kiosk. Read the Codex
The Book of Legends: A book of history transcribing the lives of powerful mages. Read the Legends

OOC Guild positions:
Recruiter/Advertising Agent/Webmaster: Chibiness
Dream master/Dream Security/Patch Master: Chibiness
Bot Master/Training Master/Events Planner: Chibiness
Dreamholders: Chibiness, Napster Cat, SilverMune
To Join:
Email or Whisper any appointed guildmaster, or ICQ 3674663...
Links to dairy stuff:
Rocky Road Ice Cream