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Codex of Lactose
Official Property of the Dairy University
In the beginning was [Milk], and it was Good. From the Divine Primal Healative powers of Milk, every type of Dairy magic sprang forth, each according to it's kind.

Two different types of [Cheese] Magic, the energizing abilities of [Butter], the protective powers of [Yogurt], and the controlling energies of Milk Chocolate [Ice Cream] were created, in that order.

The First Cheese Mage, Gouda, brought cheese energies into the universe through a ten-fold Channelling of the Primordial Dairy Energies. The first Bleu Cheese Mage, Azul, focussed the cheese energies into a Physical, Competitive, more Natural one; Green Cheese Magic, and a Metaphysical, Chaotic, more Ethereal one; Bleu Cheese Magic.

Natural (Green) Cheese was found to be easily channelled, and quickly grew abundant in the realm. It's energy controlled nature, and all Life magic. Bleu Cheese, on the other hand, was found to be physically unpleasant and unappetizing, as well as difficult to exude. It's magic, however, was a very powerful force. By nature, bleu cheese is metaphysical. Roqueforti must grow in the spaces between the curds, implying a transcendence of physical ideals, and a promotion of transient etherealism.

The first Butter Angel, Silvermune, channelled active force into Dairy Magic, through the essence of Butter. Energy, light, and magnetism could then be controlled through dairy powers...

Around this time, some mages were experimenting with a non-dairy natural magic that controlled the elements. They called themselves 'Red Mages'. One of these mages, known only as Easf, cultured the protective aspects of these elemental energies into Dairy Magic in the form of Strawberry Yogurt.

-Banishing the Bleu-:
Because of it's composition, bleu cheese energies are very richly concentrated within it's form, and the sphere of magic it was given to control. Dairy Scholars soon realized it's potential; Bleu Cheese Magic controlled the seemingly random events that transpired in everyday life.

Specialized Bleu Mages had total control over the way cards dealt themselves out, inspirations that people recieved, and even had the ability to alter the dreams of other Furres. Bleu Cheese was therefore deemed too powerful, and thus bad, and sealed forever away by the Lactose Priests of their time.

When it is found that evil forces have once again discovered a way to erase Furre Existance, it will again be necessary to unlock the power of Bleu Cheese Magic in order to fully eradicate the threat, and allow life to once again thrive... One Original White Mage from Each Original Realm of Magic will need to be found, again, to undo the Banishment spell that has been cast. The Mages must return to the catacombs of Allegria Island, and trek to the Altar of the Bleu Seal. (To be continued)