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The Book of legends
Page created by Lebowski

What the book is about


  The Book of Legends was a gift from Ronek, a red mage.  If you wish to see other excerpts (documented by Ronek), click here
  The chapter of the book I'm about to reveal is about Gouda, the first cheese mage.  The book will describe why Gouda is against reanimating the Bleu Cheese energies, how the cheese enrgies were started and why the Bleu energies need to be reanimated.  Any suggestions or ideas about this page or any other page relating to the Dairy Guild website will be accepted by Lebowski or Chibiness

About the Dairy Guild
  Gouda and Chibiness, born in Meovanni village, studied magic at the early age of twenty and nineteen(respectively).  Gouda and Chibiness learned of Lactose energy at the Meovanni Library and, like other mages of their time, became interested in practicing the magic.  Unlike the other mages, Gouda and Chibiness understood how much concentration it took to channel and study the energies.
  As time progressed many mages lost interest in the magic while only a handful remained devoted to it's practice.  The devout few, Chibiness, Gouda, Silvermune, Easf, Azul Queijo and Pyrox Saberdon eventually found each other and formed a coven called the Dairy Guild. 
 Chibiness was the Dairy guild Founder.  He practiced pure lactose (white) magic, because of his strong concentration and will.  He became a lactose preist and a guildmaster of milk magic.
  Gouda could not use the lactose energies as pure and unconcentrated as they were.  He concentrated the lactose energies tenfold and concequently found cheese magic.  More satisfied with his ability at being able to use cheese (green) magic, Gouda became the first cheese mage and the cheese guildmaster.
  Silvermune also found the lactose energies too weak to use properly.  Instead of concentrating the energies Silvermune meditated on them, churning them about until they concentrated and congealed naturally.  This turned the energies into butter (gold) magic.  Even though the butter energies were concentrated they weren't quite as strong as cheese energies.  Silvermune became the first butter angel and the butter guild master.
  Azul Queijo studied cheese magic and realized that the unfocused cheese energies had the potential of splitting into two focused energies.  Determined to seperate the energies Azul devoted many years to dividing the original cheese energies into two seperate energies.  After ten dedicated years, Azul was able to seperate the energies into Bleu and Green cheese energies. She was then the first bleu cheese mage and the guildmaster of the Bleu cheese energies.
  After becoming interested in lactose magic, Easf, at first an elemental mage, decided to culture the lactose energies with elemental magic he had already been practicing.  Yogurt (red) magic was the result.  This made Easf the first yogurt acolyte and the yogurt guild master.
  At the Sealing of the Bleu Cheese Energies there were two Bleu cheese mages, Pyrox Saberdon and Azul Queijo.  After the sealing Azul was stripped of her bleu cheese energies completely. Pyrox clung to the bleu cheese powers which became tainted with negative energies.  Azul fell into a deep depression and killed herself while Pyrox's soul became tainted, thus creating a new dairy energy; dark chocolate ice cream (black) magic.  This made Pyrox an Icecreamancer, controller of the tainted energies.





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