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What the...
[A Furcadian comic by Bastet13 and Chibiness]

Today's Comic
May 15th, '01

You notice how people with wings have that problem :P

May 14th, '01
Humour Server: Offline. Aww... =P

May 13th, '01

Comic by Ronek.

May 12th, '01

Where did that yiffy furre get off to?

May 11th, '01

Come to think of it, the Vinca is kinda dangerous.

May 10th, '01

'Mow?' says it all.

May 9th, '01

Nobody really liked bots anyways, but the brick-throwing bot was the beginning of the end...

Chibi Comix
Chibiness's first comic... May 9th, '01

Static furretricity. O.o

May 14th, '01

Napster Cat looks for the missing checker.

May 15th, '01

Chibiness balances a strawberry on Revenant's Nose.

Just for Fun

Furcadia's a mean, mean plac- Oh, wait. That's just a bot. Nevermind. =)
Wow, there's some nice DragonSpeak here!

Too much spare time.

They all loved the phoenix's...
Until they found out how vulnerable they were...

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