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Created by members of the Dairy Guild
-Cat Face (19k)-:-By Bastet13

-Map of Furcadia's Layout (111k)-:-By Chibiness

-Map of The Old Meovanni (478k)-:-By Chibiness

Taken by members of the Dairy Guild
-Stage1, and Stage2-:
Some big infatuation with large organized furre gatherings... ~or~
The cast of "Cats", reunited at last...

-Sapphira and Chibiness-:
Praying to the porcelain gawd in SatinDoll's dream...

-Sanctuary, Funny, and Lots-:
Get all your alts, we're attacking the dream hall!

Ronek and Chibiness hangin' out in the incomplete cave of the Bleu Altar, gettin' cannibalistic on tha pookiez...

-Kitties, Kitties2, and AnimalDarts-:
NapsterCat's Animalism Patch previewed!

Chibiness gets a bright idea in one of Remia's dreams while hangin out with Rem and Ronek, and logs on a few alts... "Ronek is Red... Arodric is Orange... Dairy is Yellow... Mow is Green... Remia's Blue... And I'm Purr~ple!"

Talzhemir has a bowling party...

-Shenanigans, Ridere, and Ridere2-:
People having Angst... Or something... =)

-Rev1, Rev2-:
Reverie Chaos

-Dragon and Phoenix-:
They had to do it... A Draggie and a Chicken fight... Right in the Middle of Allegria...

-Phoenix Patch and Fire!-:
Nothing special... Just the first flaming phoenix patch...

-Felorin and Ridere!-:
Two of the most popular furcadians meet in AI...

This is what happens when you have too many furcadia installations on your computer.

(To be continued)