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Chronology / Progress Chart

Game Statistics

Name of Game:Sailormoon-An Epic Saga
Requirements:Click Here =)
File Size:<10 MB
Download@:Not yet available
Description:A Sailor Moon fighting game, akin to Double-Dragon, Streets of Rage, etc...

Statistics / Progress Chart

Game Chronology

Link To Previous Chronology Page
January/99 v.001 - First initial release to the game testers.
v.005 beta - Fixed crashback error and added a few more graphics.
v.01 beta - Added mode selection, episode selection and player selection. Added more graphics and music.
March/99 The code is being cleaned up for the new programmers. (Done 4/6)
We now have sound support for the following sound cards : AWE 32/64, Sound Blaster (Pro, 16, v1-2), Adlib. We still don't have support for DIGMID drivers (Done 4/25) or GUS ultrasound (Not yet completed). Those should be done in about a week.
April/99 We are currently working on the programming of the three and four player modes with joysticks port one and two.
June/99 Pallette Manipulation Implemented! 24-bit! YEAH!
Contracts being acquired through Actra
July/99 Modifications to Navigation and Graphics Engines
August/99 The Shareware Version will not include the Japanese Storyline
Copyright being acquired through DiC.
Finished Level Editor (debug mode), Started work on Game Compiler
September/99 Game engine re-designed for maximum efficiency (Collision Detection Subroutines), Layer engine complete. Rejoice!
October/99 It has been decided that Joystick support won't be implemented in the Shareware version.
Began Implementing Z-Axis.
We now have support for the Soundblaster Live!
February/2K We're now ironing out the last bugs in the game engines, regarding Collision detection and Memory Management.
We've also decided to redo the fourth (Layering) game engine for a more three dimensional look...
March/2K More of the Same...
April/2K The Mage has figured out an algorhythm which allows nearly infinite background layering with NO loss of speed! (The only thing that keeps us from releasing awesome Demos to the public is our lack of ART Talent. If anyone is looking for a job, we'll almost PAY you. E-Groups Vault Created by Tween. Now we have a place to store the Engines/MIDI files/etc... We can evaluate our project as a team! ^_^ And the current build is almost totally debugged and released by 'Cymbeline'... AND, some more Music was created. 14% upgrade!
May/2K A few things were figured out. Alpha.1/Build10 of the game engine was completed. =)
July/2K Alpha.2/Build14 of the game engine will be coupled with V1 (official) of the Game Loader. Work on Stage One will be completed!
June/2K+1 Because of recent efforts on the background rendering, and the improvments on the Serenity engine, we can safely increase a few percentages. The modular features of the engine will allow us to perform state-machine based artificial intelligence. We'll worry about installation later.


Statistics / Chronology

Current Shareware Progress

This is the progress of the shareware version of our game.
(We'll start on the official release after we're done with this...).

Current Overall Progress / Key:
??% 0 10 20 30 *40* 50 60 70 80 90 100

Level Engine1- 65%
Boss Engine2- 45%
World Engine3- 55%
Layer Engine4- 100%
Bonus Engine - 50%
Game Initializer-100%
Game Engine- 70%
Installation - 0%
Compatibility - 15%
Auto Setup - 95%
Custom Setup - 10%
Levels - 100%
Storyline - 100%
Secrets - 100%
BonusGames - 5%
Textures - 5%
Characters - 5%
Objects - 5%
Animations - 5%
Grids - 100%
Meters - 100%
Music - 95%
Sound Effects - 95%
Post Alpha-4%
Beta Testing- 0%
Special Effects- 0%
Code Streamlining- 0%
Graphic Touchups- 0%
Sound Enhancements- 0%
Visual Enhancements- 0%
Beta Teamwork- 5%
Redesign- 18%

Statistics / Chronology / Progress Chart

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