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Ring of ~O~live

You may join this ring whether you are a huge Olive fan or not (but it would be nice).
You shouldn't be an ANTI-Olive fan. You can really hate the guitarist... just not the whole band.
Actually, I suppose you can be a fan of the Sliding Doors soundtrack. The main thing is you are here... This isn't the best webring out of ALL webrings, so bare with me!
"A Webring connects any number of homepages in a ring around the Internet, so that anyone can hop from one page to another and end up back where they started (which some do without webrings). Webrings can be helpful for finding new sites on your favorite topic, and help people visit YOUR site more often as well."


The Index...A list of all sites on the Olive Webring.
A Random Site...Visit someone else's site, just for the heck of it! Say hi.

To join the Ring of ~O~live:

Fill out this form. Your info will be added to a waiting list until we look at your page.
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"Now, remember that you are just on the waiting list..."

Things to do while you wait:

"Just put this cute little Panel somewhere on your page to signify that you are willing to take part in the webring experience. In addition to showing that you are part of the ring, it helps people jump around to get the most information."
This Ring of Olive site is owned by me.
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Just copy the HTML stuff (which looks better ON the page than it does here), and fill in the blanks (the things that say "YOUR_NAME", etc...), and change the colors to fit your page if you need to, and you know how. If there are any problems with this, PLEASE e-mail me!
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When you are added, you should receive an e-mail welcoming you. Then you will be able to edit your site information, and add others to The Olive Ring.

Editing Your Information!

If you're trying to change your page info in the ring, you can use the form below! =)
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"Okay, hopefully this page works... If not, give me a shout!"