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Game Requirements

Sound & Music:AWE 64/32 (any version)
Soundblaster (all versions [pro, 16, etc])
Soundblaster Live
Ensonique Sound Scape
MPU midi controller
In Progress: GUS Ultrasound
Wavetable cards

Controllers:Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2
Gravis Gamepad (all versions [4 and 10 button])
SNES gamepads on LPT 1 and 2 ports
Microsoft Sidewinder pads
Up to 2 gamepads on Gravis Grip and Sidewinder pads.
In progress:CH Gamepad w/6 button support

Platform:(MS or IBM-)DOS
In Progress:Win95/98/2000
All mouses
All graphics cards
Planned:Linux/Unix-brand OS's
Java Portability
Mac OS

Recommended System:Pentium 233mhz
32 mbs ram


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