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Please send in your favorite poems and/or Love letters.


Cuffs a'frayed from endless wear.
Mending tape connects a tear.
A pocket corner flops away
from where it started out its days.
The color, faded several times,
accommodates determined grime
that's burnished with a glaze of dirt...
But still - this is my favorite shirt.

A part of you
  ...has grown in me.
And, so you see,'s just you & me.
Together forever
  ...& never apart,
Maybe in distance,
  ...but never in heart.

[Tell Me]
Tell me you love me too,
Tell me how to feel so new.
Tell me all you feel.
Tell me this is all for real.
Tell me you think of me all day,
Even until the stars all fade away.
Tell me you miss me and want us to be.
Tell me my heart is your key.
Tell me how you only want me.
Tell me you'll be mine.
Forever, until the end of time.
Tell me how special I am.
Tell me your proud to hold my hand.
--Kristen Lowry --Sent in by PrincessRaver6

[.only one moment.]
only one moment,
only a little more time to be spent
saying, "I love you".
through the tears I do
see that I'm not understood.
oh, how I wish you could...
there's so much I want to say,
always for you I pray.
don't leave me...
but why does it have to be
that you only have one moment;
only a little more time
to be spent.
--Sent in by SilverRaine

Life is lined in the rain.
The times the sun comes out and I
    think it's over. But that calm period
is just the eye
    of the storm.
I'm stuck in this circle for eternity.
In the summer I ask "What good have I
    done to deserve this?"
But in reality the question is contrasted.
Questions line my head about the purpose
    of life.
Love? No, they always leave.
Success? There's no joy found there.
Life? I say I should take it one
    day at a time.
But my days are limited.
Loneliness fills my heart and the only
    friends I really have are Hurt and Pain.
Confusion in the rain.
Your touch that brings relief,
    intensifies the pain.
Are you happy now? Now that my
    life is in misery?
Why these games? They hurt more then
    I can take.
Must this go on?
--Sent in by PrincessRaver6

As I sit and look at the rose,
It reminds me of how our love grows.
As the petals open,
it's such a beautiful sight,
It reminds me of our first night.
The petals are soft when they are new,
It reminds me of how our love grew.
Now the petals are wilted and dried,
It reminds me of how our love died.
--Sent in by PrincessRaver6

when i watch you walk
then i see it in you eyes
when i listen to you talk
i can tell by your long goodbyes
when you say i mean nothing
i can see the way you shake
but know that there are some things
a gurl can just not take
so when you sit beside me
and kiss me here and there
understand that i need
a man worth being bare
--sent in by BABYSPARKLEZ143

  Someone hates me, but will she tell me?
I can tell these things, but do I want to know?
Someone's waiting until the time is right,
but what is time, and where does it go?
  No one stalked me, but I wish they had,
There was no violence, that's not the way.
No one told me what I wanted to ignore,
When will I stop lying to myself this way?
  Can I face it? Will I miss the memories?
Should I leave it? Time heals your wounds.
But this gash may take beyond eternity,
And if that's healing, I hope it gets here soon.
  Someone hates me. She'd never say it.
She doesn't want to hurt me, but the damage is done
And things like this happen, friends come and go,
But when will I realize I'm the only one?
  She's not out to get me. I'm not one to be got.
It's not jealousy. I've got nothing to want.
But a friend of a friend said It's just "between friends"
Was this how it was supposed to end?
  So what should I say? Laugh and smile?
Should I lie again? I'm only hurting myself.
Or is this life destroying the lives of others?
And I wonder how many I've had...
  But why hate? It takes too much energy.
And there's enough people doing that already
And once upon a time, wise people said:
"Make love, not war.", "Love and you shall be."
  What to do, What to do... Is there an answer?
Should I decide, or let her do it for me?
And I thought this was my life...
but now it's hard to tell.
--Koi Waters --Posted by Steve

[Send me no Flowers]
a wilted bouquet on my dresser drawer
a tattered letter torn on the floor
a woman with tears running down her cheek
a man with another to seek
send me no flowers
they only die
don't tell me you care, if it's only a lie
I don't need love that lasts just one day
I don't need your affection or that kind of play
just leave well enough alone, as you've always done
you've hurt me too much to be the one.
--Sent in by SilverRaine